Student Spotlight: Roderick Dowling


Daryl Littles

Roderick Dowling

Daryl Littles, Staff Writer

When someone says the name Dowling the first thing that comes to mind for some are the Dowling twins and how amazing the duo are at wrestling.

But many skip over the older brother, Roderick Dowling.

To the few that know him, they know that he is cool and laid back.

Roderick just got accepted in to University of Advancing Technology out in Arizona.

“They were the first private school that contacted me after the PSAT,” he said.

Roderick wants to become a video game programmer and UAT has the program that he wants. The school is located in Tempe, Ariz. and that’s 28 hours away.

Roderick said that his mom is a little scared because this will be the first time he will be a long way from home. He also said that his brothers and his father approve of this.

“I got in contact with one of the students there and they said when I get there to give them a call so they can show me around the school,” he said.

Brandon Dowling said he was proud of his older brother.

“I’m hella proud,” he said.

Brandon said that he is going to be sad when his older brother leaves, but he will be a little glad because he will get a free room.

“It shows me that if you want something you can get it,” Brandon said.