Taleiah Holmes


Bria Posey

Taleiah Holmes

Bria Posey , Staff Writer

Cosmetology teacher Mrs. Williams was interviewed about who she thinks would be a star student out of all her classes.

“My star student is Taleiah Holmes,” Williams said. “She’s very hard working, mature, and an articulated student.”

Taleiah said it was an honor to be chosen as a star student.

“It feels good to be the star student,” she said.

Taleiah has been a cosmetology student since her freshman year of high school.

“I joined cosmetology because my mom and her sister do hair, so it was kind of already there,” Taleiah said. “I also joined because I thought it was an easy class to pass.”

This is Taleiah’s senior year in high school. Being the star student shows that she has done really well in cosmetology in her four years of high school.

Taleiah is a seventeen year old senior at cross creek high school.

“Mr. Neill and Mrs. Williams influenced me to do my best,” Taleiah said.

“I like to read, text, swim, get my hair done, and shopping,” she added of her interests. “And I braid hair over the weekends.”