Homework: Does it do any good?


Staff Photo Illustration

Some students say homework is like torture.

Khamron Gordon, Staff Writer

It’s the thing students love to hate: homework.

What is the real reason why we have homework and is it even necessary?

That depends on whom you ask.

Homework tires students because they have to do homework for at least seven class periods periodically. The amount of homework they receive stresses students out a lot because they have extra activities to do after school.

“I think homework is sometimes difficult when we haven’t gone over it in class, but if we went over it in class, homework would be more understandable,” said Senior Michael Fedrick.

Some schools are putting more emphasis on homework. Is homework really that important?

Many teachers say yes. One of them is History teacher, Dr. Price, who routinely gives students homework to hone their schools and help them do better on tests.

“I give my students USA Test Prep assignments to help learn and study for tests,” Price said.

But others say homework is now contributing to an epidemic of academic stress.

Parents should be extremely involved so they could keep track of students’ grades and attendance”

— Mrs. Hall

In opposition, the teachers, administrators, and parents worry that students will grow bored if they are required to spend too much time on academic material. Homework can reduce leisure time and community activities that also teach important life skills.

According to a 2014 article in Stanford News, a study showed that homework can negatively impact student’s lives away from school. Fifty-six percent of the students in the survey considered homework a primary source of stress, according to the survey. Excess homework also caused health problems for some students, like headaches, exhaustion and stomach problems, the study found.

One thing that helps the outcome of homework is parent involvement.

“Parents should be extremely involved so they could keep track of students’ grades and attendance” said Mrs. Hall.

Parents can confuse children if the instructional techniques they use differ from those used by teachers.

Some say homework can actually lead to the gaining of unpleasant character traits such as cheating, either through the copying of assignments or help with homework that goes beyond tutoring.

Children from deprived homes may have trouble completing assignments.

Using homework on computers isn’t necessary because people either can’t afford to have computers, lose their Internet service or be unable to get to a library.