Acceptance Season

The wall of acceptance that grows almost everyday

Jamiquia Glover

The wall of acceptance that grows almost everyday

It is that time of year again, college acceptance letters from many schools are arriving. Throughout the year, many seniors have taken the time to fill out college applications in hopes of getting accepted into their dream schools. Since the school year is almost over and graduation is approaching, acceptances letters are rapidly arriving.

This can be the most stressful time for senior students because of their impatience with some colleges and the hard work they put into filling out a successful application.

A couple of Cross Creek students share their good news by bringing the acceptance letter to guidance, and one of the guidance counselors will post their names on the wall in the main hall.

I spoke with senior Keyara Jackson and she said “Taking the time to fill out applications for ASU and keeping up my grades this year was worth it because now I know I will be attending this university in the fall.” “After submitting my application to Kennesaw State I got nervous all of a sudden because this is my future in their hands.” Said Almein Morgan. For most of the seniors, college is their number-one priority as of now because the reality of graduating in a couple of weeks is dawning on them.