New prom ticket price brings mixed reactions

Students wanted new venue for the dance, but it comes with a price



This is the site of this year’s prom.

Tiana Deeds, Staff Writer



Last year, students circulated a petition to move the annual prom from the school’s cafeteria to a more suitable venue.

The cafeteria, they argued, was no place to hold a once-in-a-lifetime event that would remain in their memories for years to come.

Well this year, students got their wish, but it comes with a price.

The price of prom tickets this year are $50 per person and an additional $50 for each guest. Groans were heard throughout the auditorium the day that juniors were told this information.

But Ms.Glover, the prom’s organizer, says that is merely the price for students getting what they wanted. She said the location was ultimately changed because of the many complaints from students.

She said a number of venues were looked at for the dance.

“We chose The Doubletree because it would be cheaper for the students,” Glover said. “If the Marriott would have been chosen, the tickets would be higher.”

“The price is reasonable for the place that it’s being held at,”  said Jazmyn Canez, a junior. “With the change in location a higher price is to be expected.”

Ms.Glover said the price of the venue goes by the number of people attending an event.

Mrs. Glover says a different venue for prom has to come with a price.
Staff Photo
Mrs. Glover says a different venue for prom has to come with a price.

Although the initial reaction to the ticket prices was negative, many students surveyed at Cross Creek had positive things to say.

Junior Nehemiah Goggins only agreed with part of the price arrangement.

“I feel like the price is pretty decent,” he said, “but I don’t feel our date should have to pay $50 if they don’t go to our school.”

Glover reminds students that a fancier venue has a fancier price.

“Prom had always been held at Cross Creek to save students money,” Glover said. “And we could make it look nice and have more activities for a cheaper price.”