Ronnie Ellis: An athlete with smarts

Student cites parents and past teachers as influences

Ronnie Ellis

Bria Posey

Ronnie Ellis

Bria Posey, Staff Writer

To say that Ronnie Ellis keeps busy would be an understatement.

The senior not only is on the softball, track, swimming and tennis teams, but she also maintains a 3.7 G.P.A.

Ellis has had her share of attention recently in local media for her status as a scholar athlete.

It might sound like she is under a lot of pressure, but Ellis takes it all in stride. In fact, she’s even trying to play another sport – ladies basketball.

She said her sports and academics go hand in hand.

“It keeps me motivated to do the best I can,” she said.

Ellis said her parents have a lot to do with her drive.

“My parents push me to get better grades,” Ellis said. “And I like getting good grades so I feel in a better place.”

Ellis has had many teacher mentors as well.

“The teachers that inspired me were Ms. Olivares, Mr. Bufford, and Coach White really pushed me to where I need to be,” Ellis said.

Ellis is in the National Honor Society and is president of the Beta Club.

She already has mapped out a future as well.

“My goals when I graduate high school are to play college softball and major in marketing,” Ellis said. “I plan my future to be a marketing manager of a company.”