A gift for giving

Cross Creek clubs raise thousands of dollars for local charities


Lauren Seago

FFA Club President Makenzie Cioffi (center) with club members and items to be donated to troops

Joshua Rutland and Lauren Seago, Staff Writers

At Cross Creek High School, many fundraisers are done for various causes around the community.

That giving spirit is what drives many of the school’s clubs.

FFA School President Makenzie Cioffi said she enjoys giving back to the community through various fundraisers the club organizes.

For instance, Cioffi said her club recently raised donations for the Blue Star Mothers Heart of Georgia charity that sends food and personal care items to troops overseas.

“The Georgia central region FFA asked that every person that attend (the region rally) bring at least one item,” Cioffi said. “We had a total of 1,100 people in the central region attend the rally and had an amazing turn out for all the donations.”

I think it’s important for students to give back to the community so that they can feel a self worth within themselves.”

— Dr. Cynthia Lovett

Many teachers also run donations through various clubs and after school activities. Two of the most active are Dr. Cynthia Lovett and Ms. Highfill, who oversee Jobs for Georgia Graduates and Future Farmers of America, respectively.

Lovett said many of JGG’s fund raisers go directly towards helping the students here at Cross Creek High School. Lovett helps to fund various things such as Booster Club and the upcoming cancer walk.

Something as small as a dollar from students to wear sweats and baseball caps has added up to nearly $4,000 for various agencies and charities like University Hospital, Relay for Life, and Safe Homes, Lovett said.

“I think it’s important for students to give back to the community so that they can feel a self worth within themselves,” Lovett said. “A lot of times students don’t give back or they don’t know how to give back. So it’s great to have an organization that does participate in community service to show the students how to give back.”