Homecoming king and queen discuss their plans

More activities for students and community service are on the list


Staff Photo

Vincent Brown and Emoni Townes

Kynisha Robinson, Staff Writer

Homecoming is all about fun and representing your school in a positive way. It’s all about being a good role model and being an example to others and to show them how to be a good student around school.

It shows good citizenship and being good for the students that look up to you.

After counting all of the ballots, Vincent Brown and Emoni Townes were named homecoming king and queen.

Vincent says he wants to provide a good example for other students in his role as king.

“I hope to set a good role model for many people throughout the school,” Vincent said.

Vincent attributed his success first to God, then his parents, friends and teachers.

“And my running mate, Emoni,” Vincent added.

“I do want to go out and do community service at St. Jude’s Hospital,” Emoni said. “We’re going to travel and do public speaking and stuff.”

Vincent and Emoni said they won the election through a campaign that put them in touch with students around the school, including those who may not have known them.

There was one other aspect that helped them win.

“I think really the (free) candy,” Emoni said. “That’s what got them.”

Emoni and Vincent said they would like to help create more activities for students, like dances.

“We want to be able to try and expand the things that we can do,” Vincent said.