Looking for Alaska

The book cover for Looking for Alaska.

The book cover for “Looking for Alaska”.

Tiana Deeds, Editor

John Green is a well-known writer within the teenage community. Green is well known for his brilliant book “The Fault in Our Stars”. He is extremely passionate about the lives of young adults, and this shines through in his exquisite writing skills.

“Looking for Alaska” is just one of his many works where he tells the story of Miles Halter. Miles Halter is transferring to his father’s old boarding school in search of a “Great Perhaps.”  He doesn’t anticipate the series of events that are sure to unravel. He makes friends with an extremely diverse group of people, and these people end up changing his life for the better. Alaska Young, Takumi, “The Colonel”, and Lara each teach him a very valuable lesson that he perhaps wouldn’t have learned if he stayed at his old school.  But Alaska Young the girl who smelled of vanilla and cigarettes turns out to have the largest effect on him.

John Green has to be one of my favorite young adults writer, because he really tries to connect to his audience. When I heard about “Looking For Alaska” I jumped on the chance to read it. It ended up being everything I thought it would and even more.The book makes you grow attached to the characters in a way that is almost unbelievable. It makes you feel as though you are one of the friends going on their wild adventures with them. I feel like I could relate to each character on some level from Alaska’s carefree and wild attitude, to Lara’s quietness at times. The book teaches you that sometimes life doesn’t go the way you may want it, but that’s life and you have to learn how to deal with it.

“Looking for Alaska” was well written and in a way that is most relatable to the teenage community. It comes with many surprises and shocking moments that are sure to bring laughter and maybe even tears to your eyes. The book capitalizes on events that occur in a teenager’s everyday life which is the reason why many can relate to it in some ways.  “Looking for Alaska” seems to pull you in and engulfs you with excitement and adventure that keeps you wanting to flip the page.