The nurse is in … maybe

Although the school nurse is only part-time, students are still in good hands, staff says

Nurse Beverly Jeffers

Nurse Beverly Jeffers

Phaedra Holden, Staff Writer

How do students in need of medical care get taken care of, when the nurse is missing for more than half the day at school?

That’s a question that has been on the minds of some students.

The answer is, Mrs. Pugh.

There are 31 nurses in Richmond County, but Cross Creek only has one school nurse, Beverly Jeffers, who is here from 12:30pm. Mrs. Pugh, the media center assistant, has taken over for her from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Mrs. Pugh said she is experienced in the medical field.

“I worked as a (nurse) for 17 years,” Pugh said. “I also was an E.K.G tech working with the heart for eight years.”

If any student was to stop breathing Pugh knows CPR and has to renew her certification every two years. She is qualified to substitute for Mrs. Jeffers, school officials say.

Mrs. Jeffers is at Goshen Elementary School for most of the day and is a retired hospital nurse.

“I came back to nursing,” Mrs. Jeffers said “I enjoy it.”

Mrs. Pugh, media center assistant, who also fills in as nurse
Mrs. Pugh, media center assistant, who also fills in as nurse

She has been a nurse for 36 years and while she leaves the elementary school, the data clerk there takes over for her. Nurses also teach classes every year during pre-planning and post-planning.

Students who take medicine in the school must fill out a medicine slip and have a doctor’s signature if it is prescription.

“They must have a doctor sign it,” Jeffers said. Over the counter top medicine only if a student’s parent drops off medicine for them to take, can they administrate medicine to students.

“I can give students their medicine if it theirs.” Mrs.Pugh.

In the event of an emergency, and Mrs. Jeffers and Mrs. Pugh are both unavailable, there is always 911, said administrative assistant, Tammie Thompson.

“The other day I called a nurse from another school and an ambulance.”  Thompson said.