Twin power

What’s life like when you look exactly alike?

Billy (left) and William Stone

Billy (left) and William Stone

Joshua Rutland, Staff Writer

One of Billy and William Stone’s favorite games as kids was to trick their teachers by trading classes with each other. They almost always got away with it. That’s because they look alike-exactly alike. The brothers are identical twins, though Billy was technically born first.

“I try to keep my younger brother in line” Billy said jokingly to William.

The brothers also enjoyed basketball games together as kids, and still use the sport to pass the time today. They fight like all brothers, but are still always supportive of each other. The boys make a point of not dressing alike, they prefer not to twin.

Clara (left) and Rose Edmonds

Rose and Clara Edmonds however enjoy twinning together. One of their favorite games as children was hide and seek. One of their favorite memories is from their childhood when they were playing hide and seek. They used to climb on each other’s back and open the front door so they could run away from each other.

“I always get mistaken for Rose, it’s really annoying.” Said Clara.

Rose and Clara switched classes with each other last year. They switched classes between Ms. Peak and Ms. Howard. To their knowledge the teachers never discovered the deception. Being a twin seems like it may be stressful, but also a lot of fun, they said.