Editorial: Spring sports exist, too


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Anijah Gordon thinks soccer and other spring sports don’t get the respect they deserve.

Anijah Gordon, Staff Writer

It sucks that basketball and football are the only sports that get all the recognition at school. As a soccer player I am offended because it is not fair that I work hard at training to represent my school well on the field against the other competitors and I don’t feel recognized for that.

Soccer is not the only sport to be in the shadow of others. Baseball, tennis and track also don’t get near the attention as basketball and football.

This is an unfair treatment that needs to be addressed. You cannot promoteĀ one sport and not the others.

If this continues then I believe that all the other spring sports players need to quit, and stop representing the school. Let the basketball and football team do it all. How would you feel if you were in the position of a spring sports player who goes to a pep rally for basketball and football, but never get a celebration for yourself?

The worst part of this is that three-fourths of the school does not know that you exist or when you have a game or competition.

Spring sports players unite!

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