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Starbacks Cafe is already a hit with teachers and students


Staff Photo

Junior Destiny Welch, a student barista, serves students in the Starbacks Cafe

Brynn Knight, Staff Writer

A new business has popped up at Cross Creek. It’s called the Starbacks Café, and it’s already a hit with teachers and students.

The idea for the café, which is located in the media center and open from 7 a.m. until the first tardy bell rings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, came from Mr. Stark, the school’s media specialist.

And this isn’t your ordinary coffee.

It’s a pure green , Guatemalan bean that is ground and roasted the night before the cups are sold.  And Stark even roasts the beans himself.

Stark says he was excited when the first customers showed up.

“Our first achievement was to get open,” Stark says. “We’ve been working all year for this.”

Since the Starbacks Café got noticed, lines of students and faculty grace the corner of the media center where student baristas dish out the java.

“We sold out this morning,” Stark said Thursday. “I’ve got to go home and roast some more.”

Cups of coffee sell for $2 apiece. Fifty percent of the proceeds from sales of the coffee go to support the DECA club.

“As it grows, when we’re able to put money in the bank,” Stark says, “we’ll start thinking about adding other options, such as cappuccinos and more.”

He also plans to offer specials to students who check out books.

“The reason I wanted to open the café is to increase student foot traffic throughout the media center,” Stark says.  “And once we get that going we’ll start offering half-priced deals with a checked-out book.”

Eventually, Stark even plans to add comfy, modern seating that will make the students want to stick around.

“We’re hoping to change our furniture, to get a more café feel,”  Stark says.  “So when students come in to get coffee, they’ll want to stick around and drink their coffee here.”