Decathlon State Champions


Josh Rutland

“To win something for yourself is a great memory. To win something with other people is a shared memory.” –Dr. Mike Price

This year, Cross Creek’s Academic Decathlon team claimed two out of three titles at the state level. Not only is this impressive, it is the first time Cross Creek’s Decathlon team has ever been chosen to participate on the state level. The team was not the overall victor at the state level, however they were awarded a “Wild Card” slot to compete in the state competition.

This means that the team was one of the top 8 teams following the district winners in score.  The team consisted of Hannah Cheek, Alex Arnett, Riley Blackwell, Joshua Rutland, Cheyenne Clark, Dennis Gordon, Cheyanne Paris, Amber Poe, Rose Edmonds, and Dr. Michel Price as the coach. Ms. Avrett also served as a chaperone for the state trip, but the team considers her an honorary member.

Dennis Gordon received a silver medal at the state level for his performance on the music multiple choice test. The team collectively dominated at the Super Quiz, and was awarded the state champion title for the event. The second title the team claimed was Rookie Team of the Year, which was only eligible to first time competitor teams.

Dr. Price was very clear that the team’s victory was based on raw brain power triumphing over the other teams’ stressed minds and over studying.  The team’s relaxed mental state allowed them to move forward to victory. Dr. Price chose team members from students in his past and present classes, making selections based on who he saw potential in.

He is very pleased with the team’s performance, remarking that “We done good.” Dr. Price makes it very clear that no one person on the team was responsible for its victory. “It took everyone to win” he said. Truly this is a victory worthy of memory for Cross Creek.