Student Spotlight: Karah Diehl


Brittany Hadden

Karah Diehl

Brittany Hadden, Staff Writer

Karah Diehl is a freshman at Cross Creek High school.

Karah is 15 years old and she has a step sister who also attends here at Cross Creek High school. Karah was born October 11 of 2000 here in Augusta Georgia. 

Her favorite color is blue and her favorite actress is Jessica Lange.

Karah enjoys watching old movies from the 80’s and 90’s and enjoys spending time with her friends.

Karah takes one honor class which is 9th grade literature.

She states “Ms. Avret, my literature teacher is by far the best teacher I have this year.”

Her favorite class is gym because most of her friends have that class with her.

Karah also states “I am most thankful for having all A’s and B’s this year and finding out who my true friends are.”