Movie review: “The Fault in Our Stars”

Movie review: The Fault in Our Stars

Anijah Gordon, Staff Writer


Emotions cannot be contained watching the romance movie” The Fault in our Stars.” The love story of

Hazel and Augustus is a beautiful one. It is amazing how two people can fall in love and completely

ignore the fact that they are very sick and may not live long.


My tears could not be held back while watching this movie. The Fault in our Stars is a wonderful movie that teaches us that time is not ours so

if we get the opportunity to fall in love we should not take it for granted.

The movie was perfect as far as I’m concerned. Hazel and Augustus were

both cancer patients who met at a support group and later on fell in love in the movie. Even though they

were still teens they were unstoppable with “OK” as their forever. The two love birds went to

Amsterdam to visit the author of one of Hazel’s favorite book and they had the time of their lives.

Hazel thought that she would be the one to die first because her condition was getting worse by the day

and she asked Augustus to do her eulogy. But in a shocking plot twist, Augustus went 6 feet under before Hazel, leaving her to do his eulogy.

If you are a lover of romance novels and movies I guarantee that this is perfect for you to watch or

read. This is a great teenage movie and there is no doubt that it is not enjoyable. Make sure there is a

box of tissue nearby if you are going to watch The Fault in our Stars.