Movie review: “The Vow”

Movie review: The Vow

Tiana Deeds, staff writer

Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum star in another great movie, yet again!
The Vow, a wonderful blend of drama and romantic leaves the audience in awe after a car crash leaving Paige (Rachel McAdams) in a coma.
The movie starts off depicting the life of newlyweds Paige and Leo (Channing Tatum). Their lives seem picture perfect, until a car accident leaves Paige in a coma changes everything. When she wakes up from the coma she doesn’t remember anything beyond her college years. Not even her husband. Her parents, who she hasn’t seen in years, come to visit her. Leo tries to remind her of the reasons she hadn’t seen her parents in so long but he fails. But this also leaves her confused on the truth behind the lost contact between her and her family. So she goes to live with her parents, where she sees her ex and wonders why she left him in the first place. Leo tries everything to win her back.
In my opinion this movie was filled with twists and turns that all add up leaving you shocked and emotional. It really hits hard at love and shows how hard people will fight for it. The director also puts a twist on the usual love story and gives it some depth and substance.
I do wish the movie would have gave a glimpse into their lives 10 years or so later at the end to give some sense of closure to the movie. It would have been nice to see what happened after he did finally win her back.