What is Econ?

Josh Rutland

Mr. Moore believes that economics is a very important subject for seniors to study. A young adult entering the world and the workforce needs to be prepared to manage the income they are about to start earning. Economics is a required class for seniors to graduate, but there are other very important reasons for students to pay attention in this class.

Of all the different units students are expected to learn, Mr. Moore feels the most important is Personal finance. “Students need to be prepared to make decisions that are going to affect their lives for decades.” Mr. Moore said. The class teaches students the inner workings of both large and small-scale economics. It is important to understand both as well as the concepts of debt and credit.

Mr. Moore believes that in a way this class is a lot like life, it is “rational decision making.” The class work itself teaches responsibility. You have to learn to stay on top of tasks and maintain a strong work ethic. Time management becomes essential. The class teaches both life skills and the ability to become a responsible adult.