Editorial: The problem with natural hair

Editorial: The problem with natural hair

Tiana Deeds, Staff writer

“What’s wrong with your hair?” “Bad hair day?” “When are you going to do your hair?” these are the questions to which I answer with “this is how my hair naturally is.”-sigh

Every natural girl has been asked at least once, if not on numerous occasions these questions.

So what exactly IS the problem with natural hair?

Is it too big? Does it bring too much attention? Or are YOU just not used to it?

Excuse me for not fitting the standard of beauty that is depicted in the media. Excuse me for not wanting my hair straight. Excuse me for loving the hair I was born with.

The problem does not lie within the people who have natural hair; it lies within the people who make snide remarks. People have to realize that “the norm” is not actually “the norm”. Media displays this made up image of how women should look but that is not a true image.

When natural girls get told “You look better with straight hair, you should straighten it more often” it is not a compliment, it is an insult. They no longer see it as beautiful and unique; they begin to see it as an unwanted house guest that just seems to never leave.

Others have to educate themselves on the importance of representation. Natural hair is not represented enough in the media, so when people do have natural hair others don’t know how to take it.

Representation is not only important for others, but the individuals who actually have natural hair as well. When a little girl only ever sees straight hair everywhere, they get this wrong idea of what their hair “should” look like. So as they grow older they begin to apply heat to their hair or even chemically straighten their hair. The effects of chemical straighteners are harmful. They often times cause scalp irritation, permanent hair loss, and hair breakage.

The new response to these questions should be “There’s nothing wrong with my hair, you should go educate yourself”.

Now that’s a response that will give them something to think about!

So this is for the girls out there struggling to accept your kinky, coily, curly, thick, thin, soft, or course hair. This is for you because your hair is beautiful. Your hair is unique and you deserve some recognition.