New principal; new school year

Anijah Gordon, Staff writer

Having a new person around sparks curiosity, whether it is a teacher, student or principal. We have many new additions to the Cross Creek family. One in particular is the principal Ms. Glenda Collingsworth. If you were a student from the past school years you would have known that she is the replacement for our past principal, Dr. Jason Moore.

Ms. Collingsworth has been a principal for 11 years starting from Elementary Schools. Ever since then she has been working her way up the ladder. In 2006 she was the opening principal of Diamond Lake Elementary then she went a step further in her career by opening Pine hill Middle in 2009. If you went to these previous schools then you pretty much know Ms. Collingsworth. Before being a principal, Ms. Collingsworth was a teacher for 11 years where she taught at schools including Pine hill.

When asked to describe herself as a principal she said,

“I am a team player, active, love working with students, and I am a good listener.”

“I love to travel, I enjoy reading and believe it or not I love to shop,” said Ms. Collingsworth when she was asked to described herself as a person outside of her job. If you are lucky you might bump into her at the mall.

Her goal for the new school year and beyond is to continue the schools legacy along with keeping things in place like the dress code. Ms. Collingsworth is also focused on finding a medium.

Not only is she a principal but she is also a cancer survivor and a mother of one who is currently a freshman at Cross Creek.

I guess Cross Creek is doing a great job because the new principal Ms. Collingsworth already feels at home and well loved.