Are You Committed?

Justin Gilmore, Staff Writer

Monday, August 8 Cross Creek High School had it’s commitment to graduate ceremony, and the majority of seniors showed up to commit. Students unanimously agreed that the graduation could not come fast enough. Students and administrators alike are excited about the graduation, and the excitement was more prevalent at the ceremony than ever before. Teachers and parents were both surprised by the great unity of the seniors.

The principal Ms. Collingsworth was more than happy to see the senior involvement, but wanted the seniors to know that the information given there was not to be taken lightly. The seniors who attended got information that will help them throughout their senior year such as: senior dues, the yearbook, senior events, and the senior project.
Collingsworth wanted seniors to know that senior attendance and persistence was key. “Their word is their bond.”, Collingsworth said.
Assistant Principal, Mr. Robinson, added that seniors should take advantage of Saturday school before it gets too late in the school year. He also said that if the seniors work hard now, they would not have to work twice as hard to ensure that they graduate on time.
Ms. Collingsworth wasn’t the only new face to be impressed by the senior involvement. New Assistant Principal Ms. Johnson said, “she was not only blown away with the senior unity, she was in love with their ability to work together so efficiently”.
“I absolutely loved the senior unity.”, Johnson said.
Johnson also believed that the seniors were making a fantastic first impression and that the seniors deserved more perks. The Assistant Principle asks that if you want any changes or new perks, you talk amongst yourselves and that you give her an opinion.