Movie Review: Central Intelligence


Matilda Savelio, Staff writer

After watching Central Intelligence, I believe it to be the most funniest and interesting movie I`ve watched so far. Not only the fact that comedian Kevin Hart and as well as actor and professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson starred in it but this film is very unique in a humorous way.

For those who still haven’t watched Central Intelligence here`s a little preview of what makes it so “out there”.

This film stars Kevin Hart, playing the role as Calvin Joyner, and also Dwayne Johnson, playing a role as Bob Stone. Stone was bullied during his years of high school but as he showed up to his high school reunion with Joyner, he`s as big and muscular as a bull set and ready to buck. Stone is a CIA agent while Joyner is an accountant who could have been a super star athlete.

Throughout the movie they work together as a team to save the compromised U.S. spy satellite system. With Stone`s muscular appearance and Joyner’s number skills, they succeed to save the compromise. Not only did they save the system but Stone walked into his old high school and won homecoming king for his high school reunion.

Although this is a great movie, there is a bit of profanity used in this film. But aside from that matter, Central Intelligence is the movie to watch. I guarantee you, it’ll be worth the while.