Netflix Best: Stranger Things


Erica Dahdah, Staff Writer

Whether you have Netflix or not, you’ve most likely heard about a show called Stranger Things. The show was released July 15 this Summer and it blew up. The show Stranger Things is a Sci-Fi / Supernatural TV show based off the eighties conspiracy theories.

The TV show casting fit in perfectly with the plot. I could not have picked a better cast to play on this show. Wyona Ryder was the leading lady throughout the whole show and was incredible at what she did. Her role as a concerned mother for her missing son was like no other. Along with the show, the music soundtrack was great to listen to. With the amazing plot, the music kept the show interesting.

The leading male role was played by David Harbour, Chief Jim Hopper. Harbour portrayed a determined sheriff to find the missing boy. Stranger Things is the show of the year on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend that you do. Although it’s only eight “chapters” long, the producers are possibly in the works for a second season. It`s a great Sci/Fi show if you like things with monsters, suspense, and more. I would definitely give this show a 10/10.