All Star Razorback

Luis Campusano-Bracero continues to draw attention for his baseball prowess

Justin Gilmore, Staff Writer

Luis Campusano-Bracero, a senior at Cross Creek, is continuing to gain traction toward his goal of one day playing professional baseball.

Earlier this month, Campusano-Bracero was featured on a broadcast on the MLB network of the Nike Perfect Game All Star competition.

Campusano-Bracero, who last year committed to the University of Missouri, said playing in the televised completion was exciting.

For the Perfect Game competition, Campusano-Bracero traveled all the way to San Diego.

Campusano-Bracero attributes all his success to his parents and his coach. The catcher believed he was destined to play in the MLB. Campusano-Bracero also attributes his success to his work ethic and his dedication, and not worrying about what other people say about him.

“You’re gonna have people that nitpick on you,” he said. “Go about your own business and continue to do you.”

While Campusano-Bracero believes he’s a phenomenal player, he does admit to having one weakness.

“I don’t like to rest my body,” Campusano-Bracero said. “I don’t know what an off day is. I’m too ambitious.”

Campusano-Bracero also believes that other players are capable of reaching a high level of success if they believe in themselves and work hard.

“If you love it, go get it,” he said. “Nobody else can tell you what to do.”