Editorial: Why Do People Judge?

Matilda Savelio, Staff writer

Walking around the school I’ve heard many disrespectful comments about others. Being judged makes a lot of people lose self confidence, have low self esteem, causes them stress.

I am very surprised that this generation of young adults finds that making fun of someone’s appearance or even the items they own can be “okay.” People have feelings, we are human, but it is very discouraging knowing that someone’s feelings get hurt every day by one’s words. We, as humans, pay so much attention to what other people say and it can damage our self esteem. Instead of talking about one another, build each other up.

Judging other people reveals a sense of selfishness and pride. Why do people judge? Some like to follow the steps of their peers, others just do it for the sake of having fun. Still others do it because they want to make themselves seem to have a better image.

Walking around the school I’ve noticed this a lot and it discomforts me to hear and see it. We should pay attention to what is said about each other. Just think about that person’s feelings. Judging won`t get you a good image, but rather a vile one. So why do it?