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Senior James Martin talks about being the school mascot


Staff Photo

The uniform that James Martin wears as the school mascot

Valerie Saunders, Staff Writer

James Martin has been Cross Creek’s favorite mascot for two years.

The senior says he sometimes feels as if he’s living in his brother’s shadow, mostly because his brother, Doug, was the mascot for six years.

James Martin says that he wants to be seen as James Martin, not his brother’s brother.

He says the pros of being the mascot for Cross Creek is, “Getting to see the fans smile, and hype them up during a game.”

He also said the uniform got a lot nicer since his brother wore it, but is still pretty smelly.

And, it’s not always comfortable.

James Martin, in his daily role as student
Staff Photo
James Martin, in his daily role as student

“The cons of being the mascot is that kids like to pull and tug on the uniform,” James Martin said. “And it’s extremely hot.”

Some advice he has for future mascots who think they can take on the challenge is to really take on the part.

“Smile,” he said. “Know how to dance, and have great spirit.”