Forbes- Cash Kings Highest Earning Acts

Matilda Savelio, Staff Writer

Forbes, hip hop’s highest earning acts, just recently titled Dr. Dre as the highest hip hop earner of the last 10 years.  If you don`t know who Dr. Dre is you`re missing out.

Dr. Dre is a famous music producer and rapper. He was first brought into the music business with the hip hop group known as N.W.A. He also went solo and worked with Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Eminem. Now Dr. Dre is known as “Cash Kings Highest Earner of the last 10 Years.”

According to Forbes, “Dr. Dre earned a reported $923 million over the time”.

Although he is ranked as top earner of the last 10 years, Puff Daddy is ranked #1 highest earner of this year. Following Puff Daddy,  Jay Z falls under second. Dr.Dre ranks #3 and Drake follows as #4. As the list comes to an end, Wiz Kalifa takes #5 as Cash Kings Top 5. Let’s not forget Dr. Dre, Cash Kings highest earner of the last 10 years. As well as these artists ranked as Cash Kings Top 5 of 2016.