Teacher Spotlight: Katie Justice


Justin Gilmore

Teacher Katie Justice always wears a smile and loves her job

Barbara Rowe, Staff Writer

Many students are familiar with the bright smile and sunny attitude of Katie Justice.

She is on the 300 hall.  Justice teaches Basic Reading and Writing, and says the subject is her passion. “I love it,” she said. “I absolutely love it.”

Justice also teaches SAT prep and is taking over yearbook. When she is not teaching her classes, she loves watching soccer and baseball, and she  also loves art.

She is not married. She has been teaching for four years and she loves doing it. Justice plans on teaching for a long time. She doesn’t have a favorite class because she likes all her classes.

Before she started teaching she was a reporter and also a graphic designer. “I like creative jobs.” She said. She would go back to graphic design if she was not teaching.