DOOM Review

Was this game destined for impending doom?


Justin Gilmore, Staff Writer

Doom is a survival horror first person shooter released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Doom brings an exhilarating blast from the past as the fourth iteration, and it does it well.

Doom took inspiration from the brutal doom mod for the original games. The carnage and bloodshed is back, and executions are introduced to game. In the campaign, executions were quick, and gave plenty of rewards for doing so. Taking down a baron with your bare hands feels good. It’s quick and brutal. It really makes you feel like the harbinger of doom. The campaign is definitely where doom shines the most.

The multiplayer, however, is bittersweet. Nothing matches the feeling of running across the stage to pick up a power up, or a vial of health to keep the carnage going, or getting the demon rune, changing to a demon of gargantuan size to perform an insane comeback. Every gun was customizable and the armor was cool, changing in size, design, and the player could even be a demon. The maps had open areas for battle, and the game modes took good advantage of these.

However, these executions can take three to five seconds max to perform, interrupting the flow of the game and feels more like a burden rather than an opportunity in multiplayer. More often than not, players who are performing an execution are shot in the back or blown away. The weapons are severely unbalanced, and out of the 16 available weapons, players tend to use the shotgun and rocket launcher for easier and unskilled kills.

Even though Doom had a snapmap mode, it seemed as if the creativity of other players was almost nonexistent, and the only maps that were made in the spotlight, were made by the games developers themselves, and the player made maps were short trials that had very little to no ingenuity.

Doom is a great single player experience, but it falls flat on a few multiplayer aspects. Carnage is best enjoyed alone in this shooter.

Overall: 7/10