Movie Review: Now You See Me 2


Erica Dahdah, Staff Writer

Over the Summer, in June, the movie Now You See Me 2, was released to theaters. This action/adventure comedy was based around four magicians who call themselves the Four Horsemen. Now You See Me 2 nearly had the same cast as the first movie, but the sequel introduced a few new characters.

One of the characters, Lula, played by Lizzy Caplan, was the newest member of the Four Horsemen. Her character was both witty and laid back. Caplan’s acting was amazing for her character in this movie. Another new character that was seen in the movie was Walter, played by Daniel Radcliffe. After seeing Radcliffe play a wizard in the Harry Potter series for so many years, it was easy to see why he was a perfect fit for this movie.

All together, the movie kept you on your toes, guessing what the next move would be. Even when the movie was over, I still had questions that went unanswered. However, the movie also lacked the amount of magic that was seen in the first movie. While it did keep me on my toes, I found it to be a little boring at some points. In Now You See Me 2, the magic tricks performed didn’t compare to the magic tricks performed in the first movie. Although the movie was good to watch, I don’t think there was a need to make a sequel.
Overall Rating: 5/10