Sweater Season

Matilda Savelio, Staff writer

Many people have been getting angry at the weather change, especially now that it is still summer. It has been extremely hot lately and the rainy weather isn’t really cutting it most of the time. Extremely hot temperatures and as well as many rainy days often bring a happy feeling.

As this week continues we would be seeing a lot of precipitation. Summer is close to an end and we are all excited.  We are ready to sleep in sweat pants and wear comfy sweaters instead of having to shave legs (ladies) because tomorrows the day to show off  that nice dress.

Cold weathers often create a comfortable mood. This season of summer was hot and it aggravated many people. As soon as the cold seasons come, we would all be sleeping tight in bed and snuggled up in our puffy blankets watching the new Netflix series.

Let’s hope that these upcoming seasons do not change up on us like this summer season  has done. Now who’s ready to snuggle up into our blankets and wear nothing but sweaters and sweat pants?