Keeping the beat

Senior aspires to be a professional DJ

Anthony Parker, aspiring DJ

Anijah Gordon

Anthony Parker, aspiring DJ

Anijah Gordon, Staff Writer

Some fathers hope that their sons will never follow in their footsteps, but for others it is their dream.

Anthony Parker, a senior who goes by the stage name DJ Lil P, is a Dj just like his dad was.  Parker, who some may know him as Jellybean  has been a DJ since the age of 11. Lil P (P for Parker) started out as a rapper. Later on he started his passion which is DJing.

Parker said he is influenced by his father, DJ X Rated and some of his favorite DJs like DJ grand master Jay.

You can’t be a DJ and have a favorite artist”

— Anthony Parker

A DJ has to be flexible with his musical choices.

“You can’t be a DJ and have a favorite artist,” said Parker, adding that he has have work with different artists and songs to keep customers happy.

One of the challenges he faces as a DJ is playing diverse music when the party is interracial.

Some DJs go to school to learn, but Parker is self taught. He was able to purchase his equipment and teach himself how to use it.

Though DJing is Parker’s passion, he can also be critical of himself. He says he does not consider himself a good DJ.

” I can do better,” he said. “There are other DJs who are better than me.”

DJ Lil P decided that he will consider being a DJ as his career.

“Been doing it so long I don’t need to stop,” said Parker. “My goal is to make it to the BET awards with a lot of blood, sweat and tears.”