NJROTC takes Washington

Fifty students travel to nation’s Capital for learning experience.


Photo provided

NJROTC students in front of the National Air and Space Museum

Barbara Rowe, Staff Writer

Alyssa McGuire was excited when the charter bus pulled into the city of Washington, D.C. recently with 50 students from Cross Creek’s NJROTC unit.

It was the first time the freshman had ever been to a big city.

“It was kind of overwhelming,” she said, “since it was a big place.”

Once they got there, students walked around and looked at historical monuments, like the Washington Monument. They took pictures of the Lincoln Memorial, and visited museums such as the Smithsonian.

Students also visited the Naval base, attended a football game, and visited the Holocaust memorial. At the memorial, students saw a presentation called “Daniel’s story,” which detailed a family’s experience during the Holocaust as told through the eyes of a boy.

NJROTC students stated it as a fun trip.

“I felt happy,” said Nadia Paschal, a freshman. “And I wanted to stay longer.”