Quick Tips That Will Save Your Hair

If you have natural hair or you are in the stage of  transitioning  then you know there is a big struggle to find hair products that are right for your hair type because all hair is not the same. Just because it works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Also protective styles are hard to find especially ones that are comfortable. Here is a few basic tips to know that can help you out in the long run.

1st : Do not comb dry hair, always comb your hair while it’s wet.. If you comb dry hair you’re going to damage and possibly cause your hair to break off.

2nd : Find a good shampoo that doesn’t have sulfur and a very good conditioner that fits your hair. Not just any conditioner will do and if you cant find a conditioner that works, you can easily use home ingredients like eggs, mayonnaise , honey , avocado, coconut oil, argan oil and olive oils these ingredients give your hair nutrients and proteins.

3rd : When your hair is air drying DO NOT touch your hair it will create frizz.

4th : You can style your hair any way you want to but when you sleep, sleep with a satin pillowcase or bonnet or put it a protective hairstyle like a pineapple, braids, or twists which would also be a good hairstyle when you take it loose the next day.

5th : When it comes to straightening your hair do not be cheap. Straighteners are made differently and a lot of time the higher the price the better the quality. Try not to add to much heat to your hair because your hair can become heat damaged and break.

Last but not least hair trimming, trimming your hair doesn’t mean you have to cut a lot of hair off just cutting off dead ends and that will cause your hair to grow longer and faster.