Go Ghost? Ghosting? #DannyPhantom

Valerie Saunders, Staff Writer

Many of us are guilty of breaking up with a significant other over text, call, or having a friend do it for us. But if you do that today, you’re going old school. The hottest trend of breaking up with someone is to go ghost. You’re deleting yourself from their life. Not replying to texts, calls, and avoiding them at school or any other social place, unfriending them on all social media and acting as if the relationship never existed

The Tusk is going around our school asking students their preferred way of breaking up or being broken up with. We’re also asking if anyone is guilty of ghosting as well.

Here is what they said:

“Honestly I preferred it to be over text if they’re breaking up with me.” A senior said. “If I’m breaking up with them I try to do it face to face, if I can’t, I’ll do it over a phone call. But I am guilty of ghosting… It’s easier to just act like it never happened.”

A sophomore says, “I would prefer to do it face to face because it hurts worse over text. It’s like the person didn’t have the guts to tell you face to face.” The sophomore also said, “I haven’t gone ghost on someone before but it has happened to me, haha, it’s a horrible feeling so I wouldn’t want to do it to anyone else.”

Another senior says, “I’d prefer to do it over text or phone call, I can’t really look them in the eyes when I do it. And when they do it to me i’d prefer the same.” The senior also says, “I am guilty of ghosting… But it’s just because it’s easier than breaking their hearts, I just tell them that I’m getting my phone taken so we can’t talk for a while and then just never message them again.”

As you can see ghosting is becoming the next big breakup text.