Mr. Moore takes assistant principal job

Students excited about their new leader, but sad to lose him as a teacher


Staff Photo

Calvin Moore at the announcement of his new position as assistant principal

It was a morning of mixed emotions today when it was announced that Calvin Moore would assume the role of assistant principal at Cross Creek.

On one hand, students were excited for him in advancing his career.

But many were also sad that he will no longer be their Economics teacher.

Moore, this year’s Teacher of the Year, told students he had been looking for an assistant principal’s job for some time, but didn’t want to work at a school where he did not think he would be happy.

A recent position came open at Cross Creek after Kierstin Johnson left to become principal of Spirit Creek Middle School.

It’s my expectation that everyone in here meets me down at the James Brown Arena (for graduation) at the end of the year”

— Calvin Moore

At times tearing up, Moore told students that he wanted to let them know earlier that he had been appointed the position, but couldn’t say anything because of school board policy.

“To my students who I am teaching now I have lied to you for the past week,” Moore said. “I have looked you in the face and given you the biggest smile I could possibly have. But I do love you and really hate that I had to move (positions) at this time.”

Moore said he would still have a connection to the subject of Economics at the school, but would not be in the class on a daily basis.

He said he would continue to be here for his students.

“It’s my expectation that everyone in here meets me down at the James Brown Arena (for graduation) at the end of the year,” Moore said, addressing students in the auditorium.

Cross Creek principal, Ms. Collingsworth, said the Economics teacher position would be advertised.

Taylor Normington, a senior and one of his students, said she was happy for Moore, but sad to see him leave her class.

“I’m proud that he got the position, but I’m sad that we all built a close bond to him and he’s such a great teacher,” she said. “He would treat us like we were his own and make sure we’re always smiling and always having a great day.”