Instagram Fashion

No Inspiration, No worries

Tiana Deeds, Staff writer

Everyone has their own unique style and most people express themselves through fashion. Fashion is something that is based off of personal creativity,  but at times we can experience this thing I like to call a “fashion crisis”. It’s the feeling of having no inspiration for outfit ideas.

Even the most stylish fashionistas feel uninspired at times.

Sometimes seeing how someone else pieces an outfit together can be just the spark you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Instagram happens to be just one of the many places that  people look to find inspiration but many don’t know how to find people who match their style. Here are some Instagram bloggers who are sure to give you the inspiration you need to tackle your next

#1 Street style

Street fashion is seen as “high fashion” and has been made mainstream over the years. But for most people it is more than just a trend it speaks volumes as to where they come from and what their history is. Instagram blogger Aleali May @alealimay is in touch with her history and it shines through her fashion choices.

#2 The minimalist

People often times mistake the “minimalism’ style for being “boring”. Minimalist tend to feel that less is more and that they can make the most simple outfits pop.Minimalist gravitate towards monochrome pieces but know how top rock it none the less. They tend to have a keen eye for detail and know how to add just the right touch. Brittany Bathgate @brittanybathgate truly shows her minimalistic approach to life through not only her style but her Instagram account as well.

#3 Chic

People with a chic sense of style often look timeless no matter what they wear. Chic isn’t about being on top of each trend that comes out but it’s about looking effortless. The chic style is all about being smart and wearing things that flatter you personally. Fashion blogger Anh Sundstorm @9to5chic is in touch with the simple yet stylish outfit choices.