The beginning of an end

Valerie Saunders, Staff Writer

It’s  the end of September and the end of summer has truly arrived. It’s now October and  it’s now the  time to pop out the pumpkin spice everything that seems to have everyone intoxicated at this time of year. The season is finally changing along with the souls of everyone around. The Tusk  is going around Cross Creek asking students how they feel around this time of the year,how summer was, along with a few other questions, this is what they had to say:

“Summer wasn’t too eventful for me,” said a senior who wished to remain anonymous. “ I honestly couldn’t wait to get back to school. I absolutely love fall/autumn, it’s my favorite time of year because it smells good and it’s the perfect temperature. My favorite memory of this time of year is a few years ago I went to a haunted house with my dad and younger sister, my younger sister was terrified and my dad had to carry her almost the entire way (she was seven at the time and I was eleven turning twelve) and I was having the time of my life.”

“Summer was really relaxed for me,” Robert Crider said. “Around this time of the year I’m usually stressed.  And my favorite memory of fall is … I honestly don’t know.”

“Summer was good, I usually feel good around this time of the year,” Edwin Hester said. “Getting out in the cool weather and just being outside is nice.”

“I love fall because my birthday is soon after,” Onawa Green  said. “I love the smells and the food and the bonding that comes with this time of the year.”
As you can see many are excited for fall to be here and are happy that the summer’s hot weather is finally gone.