School Fashion: Aniyah Randolph

School Fashion: Aniyah Randolph

Tiana Deeds, Staff Writer

As the search for fashion trendsetters begins around school.

Our first pick is senior Aniyah Randolph. Aniyah is definitely seen as a student who is pretty fashion forward. She effortlessly is polished and put together on a daily basis.

Aniyah feels that her style could be described as elegant and stylishly fashionable or in other words chic. She said  “I like to keep it very clean and simple”

Like most girls Aniyah finds Zendaya’s fashion sense to be absolutely compelling.”I like Zendaya’s style” Aniyah said “She expresses herself in the most fabulous way”

As for Aniyah she told us that we will definitely be seeing her rocking boots this fall. She also mentioned that she wants to get more into outerwear “I’m gonna try to get into jackets more” Aniyah mentioned.

Since fall has finally set in she said that she believes a staple piece for every girls closet should be a cute scarf. She feels like you can make any outfit pop with that added accessory. Aniyah also said “I really like the fall, because you can mix and match your clothing pieces”.