Cross Creek’s new face in guidance

Jennifer Zymet joined the staff this year and is growing into her role

Michaela Vaughan, Staff Writer

Many days, Jennifer Zymet is treated just like one of the students.

Trouble is, she’s not one.

Zymet is the newest of the guidance counselors who started this year at Cross Creek.

“It’s kind of funny,” the young-looking guidance counselor said. “Every day I’m confused with a student.”

Zymet came to Cross Creek from Pennsylvania. She is originally from New Jersey.

“It’s kind of funny. Every day I’m confused with a student.”

— Jennifer Zymet, guidance counselor

She said her favorite part of being a guidance counselor is just being able to sit and talk with the students. Zymet said she is still getting adjusted to her new position.

‘’The hardest part of being a guidance counselor is coming into a new school and having to learn the system,’’ she said.

Zymet attributes her decision to become a guidance counselor to one of her former professors.

‘”A teacher I had in college pushed me and motivated me,” she said.  “She told me I was capable of doing anything I wanted. Throughout college I realized that education is one of the most important fields. I wanted to help steer students.”

Zymet says she works well with others, but one of her weaknesses is that she is too hard on herself.

One of her biggest fears is flying and airplanes, but she still does it anyway.

In her free time Zymet enjoys baking, exercising, and sports in general.

Zymet has an inspirational quote that drives her service to students:

“Travel light. Live light. Spread the light. Be the light.”

When asked if there was one thing she wanted to say to all Cross Creek High School students she answered, “If you think you can you’re halfway there. Success begins with your own will. I believe you can do it.”