Review: The Walking Dead


Erica Dahdah, Staff Writer

There’s no doubt that The Walking Dead is one of the most viewed shows on television. So when Season 7 premiered last night, everybody was watching. Whether you’ve been a deadhead since the very beginning or you recently started watching, there’s no denying the emotional roller coaster we went through during the premiere.

The Walking Dead has been one of the most watched TV shows for almost 7 years now. The show has gained so much popularity since it started and just about everyone who watches has gotten emotionally attached to the characters. Last night after the premiere Talking Dead, a talk show about The Walking Dead, invited the whole cast of the show out to discuss the episode. They also invited out the writers and producers of the show. While everyone was on stage discussing the show Chris Hardwick, the host of Talking Dead, said “We all grew up with the show, we grew up with the characters.” A special guest Yvette Nicole Brown talked about the loss of 2 major characters last night stating  “This isn’t a loss you get over after a few episodes, this loss will stick for seasons.”

It’s sad to say that we lost 2 characters from the show, but they will always be remembered. The Season 7 premiere was by far the most intense the show has ever been and we can’t wait to see where it goes.