Netflix Best: Stranger Things

Things Get Stranger


Erica Dahdah, Staff Writer

Back in August, you may remember the Netflix series Stranger Things. With it’s eight episodes it reeled us in and had us hooked.

Ever since people have finished the series, there has been non-stop talk about a second season. The Duffer brothers, a.k.a the creators of the show, have finally confirmed the rumors for Season Two. Most of the characters have been confirmed to come back for the second season, but one character that some of us grew to love has definitely been confirmed for their return. Chief Jim Hopper, played by David Harbour, has recently confirmed on Instagram that he will be back for the second season of Stranger Things. And with a new season comes new characters. With talk going around about new characters, it has been confirmed that there will be three new characters to the series. Stranger Things is to return sometime later in 2017.

Is Will becoming the Demogorgon? Will Eleven make a return to Hawkins, Indiana? These questions and more will hopefully be answered in the new season. Until then, don’t go to the Upside Down.