The fight

Tiana Deeds, writer

The world fights against us,nobody wants anyone to be themselves. We’re so scared to be ourselves that we mold into the picturesque model that society has set for us. Ultimately suppressing the real us, locking the metaphorical safe so that no one else can see. The only time that safe comes unlocked is when we’re alone. Away and sheltered from all outside pressures. There’s no one looking in to dictate the way we think and act. It’s in those moments that we begin to slip away into this picture perfect world.  A world we so desperately want to be apart of. And it’s in these moment that we realize that this is the life we want. No chains to hold us back. We’re finally free to be the person we were destined to be. There’s no one there to say our ideas are foolish. We’re free to be a dreamer and fantasize about our goals. But then a sudden knock propels us back into our forced reality. The real question is why is it so hard for us to just be ourselves? It’s something that can bring so much happiness, yet bring so much distaste from others. Something like being yourself isn’t so easy in today’s society but we must have  courage and strength to defy the box that society tries to put us in. The only way we can be truly happy is by being ourselves and following our dreams. Sadly, if we realize this too late we won’t have time left..