Trump or Dump?

Election reactions are in, and the emotions are prevalent.


Justin Gilmore and Erica Dahdah

Election time is over in America and people can agree that this is the most controversial election of recent time, if not all.

Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but Republican Nominee and now President-Elect Donald Trump reigned supreme. Negative reactions and fears were on a national level, with riots and protests breaking out in Portland, New York, Los Angeles, and nearby in Atlanta.

However, even if there aren’t any protests or riots, many students feel the same at Cross Creek High School. Assistant Principal Mr. Robinson thinks that the Election was a surprise, and that he was neutral to it, although he has very few same opinions as the president-elect. Guidance Counselor Ms. Hall was indifferent to it as well, and admitted to voting third party.

Student opinions, however slightly differed. Razor Sharp Gent and Cross Creek student Aaron Dean believes that the state of the country is in the hands of God, and was rooting for Hillary Clinton. Rifle Team member Brandon Deouren is somewhat glad Trump won for the economy, but thinks he is overall a bad person. Drum major Michael Huff says “We’re fixin’ to go to hell.” Huff voted for Clinton.

Drama performer Abbigale Dixon says that she was bitterly disappointed with the election results, and says “Trump’s personal views such as racism, transphobia/homophobia, sexism, and his religious views are terrible, and aren’t fit for a president.” Uganda transfer student Peace Meagan believes that Trump is nothing but pure hatred, and agrees completely with Abbigale. NJROTC cadet David Chandler immediately disagreed, saying that “It’s gonna be freaking lit!”

What do you think about the election, and who did you support?