Mannequin Challenge


Anijah Gordon, Staff Writer


Have you heard about the new challenge circling around. We’ve heard about the Juju on that beat challenge, steal her man challenge, ice bucket challenge and now we are posing like the mannequins in the store window with the mannequin challenge.

The mannequin challenge is basically posing like a mannequin would for a couple of seconds.

The challenge has been storming on social media for the last couple of weeks and surprisingly it has gone world wide with people all over the world doing it.

Everyone is doing the new challenge even the first lady had to get in on the fun . Black Chyna went all the way out with doing the challenge in her delivery room, The Maury show couldn’t miss out and the Ellen Degeneres show was glad to join in with their floating table tenis ball.the mannequin challenge ┬áis more than just a challenge.

Some people use it to get a message across, for comedy and even to propose.

You are being challenge today to do the challenge and submit it to this website. Just like Michelle Obama dont miss out on the fun too.