Who summons him?

Valerie Saunders, Staff writer

People see and take death in many different ways.

Some see it as a sweet caress to finally get away.

Others see it as a horrible fate to succumb to.

I see it as.. An escape.

A way to get away, to a better place.

I’m not the religious type but if I was to say I believe in something,

it would be reincarnation.

Death comes when it has to, not when it wants to.

You are the one who summons death.

Yes the loved ones don’t want you to leave but.

In the end it all comes down to you.

Whether you want to stay and live.

Or to finally move on.

Death is here for a reason.

Some like to embrace it.

While others cripple away in fear.

Death won’t come unless summoned.

He watches over you in your last few breaths.

Then he takes you.

To where you ask?

That’s a question you’ll have answered.

One day.