Who Am I ???

Anijah Gordon, Staff Writer

Who am I? The question that I often ask myself.

Who am I? It is so complex that it never takes a rest.

Who am I?

Am I a person who breathes and receive, receive peace and love and is created by the one above.

Am I a person that fits the criteria of a human being and not just seen as a walking machine.

Am I a person who feels like you do and have dreams that can be understood.

Am I a person who deserves just as much as the whole world does.

Who am I?

The question we ask when society put a cloaking spell over us.

Who am I?A question that has three words but a million answer.

Who am I?A question so easy yet so complex.

Am I just existing but not living.

Am I alive but not live.

Am I real but not for real.

Am I just here but not for here.

Am I a creation that was not meant to be.