Dance in the Rain

Dance in the Rain

Anijah Gordon, Staff Writer

After the rain we somehow know that light will come again.

After the rain we expect nothing less than gods colors of promise.

After the rain we are looking forward to dance in joy.

After the rain the sun will shine again.


But what happens during the rain.

Do we suffocate from depression and cremate in sorrow.

So broken down that the rain turns into a sad tomorrow.

we never endure the rain nor face the pain

Instead we count the days  and wish all the bad  away.


Everything we face has a purpose

If the rain didn’t fall the ground would be too hard

Too hard to crack that it would crumble like the great house of cards.

The ground would have no chance of getting soft

And allowing things to seep through it.


Sometimes the rain is needed to let you grow.

To prevent you from being a flower stuck in the snow.

Life is not a river that always flow.

We will face obstacles that puts us on the low.


So whenever the rain fall remember to dance in it

Because after the rain the sun will shine again