Life After the White House: Sasha and Malia Obama


Tiana Deeds, Staff Writer

We have no doubts in our minds that The Obama daughters will go on and do big things after January 20th. Sasha and Malia persuaded their father to think differently about various topics which even led to the LGBTQ communities right to be married. This often times proposes the question will Sasha and Malia follow in their father’s footsteps and take a stand in politics. ¬†Sasha and Malia Obama took on the white house at the young ages of 7 and 10. They have grown to know the white house as their childhood home. The Obama’s plan to stay in Washington D.C until Sasha completes high-school. Malia decided to take a gap year after her high-school graduation in the May of 2016. She plans to attend Harvard University in the fall of 2017. The Obama girls have carried themselves with elegance and poise from day one and they plan to leave it tomorrow the same way. They may be leaving the white house but their legacy will forever live on.