Dress for Success; First Impression Counts

Anijah Gordon, Staff Writer

Inspired by the Kappas (fraternity group) with the dream of becoming one Travez Moses is always dressed for success. Unlike others he is Mr Casual. But where did it all begin? Travez was always dressed by his mother who ensured that he was looking his best from top to bottom. As he progressed into sixth grade he started to dress himself.  Travez  always dresses casual no matter where he goes..

“You may never know who you’ll run into” said Travez, “I always gotta look a hundred.”

Cream blazer, cream pants, white shirt, gold accessories and some kaadu shoes is what a perfect wedding outfit looks like for Travez.

Mr Moses owns over 50 pairs of shoes. He is also a collector of designer belts and the owner of a walk in closet. Not only is he fashionable but he also plays the drums and sings.

Travez aspires to become a military pediatrician and one day have two kids of his own. The 18-year-old also would like to own his own design and music school.